4 tshirt-kopf3

4 tshirt-kopf3

Topic of my works: Art Terrorism

The works are composed with 3 uniform plaster statuary of the artist head, which are beautified and fluorescent. Every minute, they are irradiated by the strong white light from the automatic flashlight, as the high sensitive microphone collects the sound of the recharge and the flash of the flashlight, amplified through the amplifier and simulates the sound of explosions.
The fluorescent names of each status are:
A, The national splittist
B,The religion extremist
C,The international terrorist

The faxed declaration: anti-art, anti-media, anti-exhibition, anti-optimization (all in Arabic and with English translations)

The works will be auctioned on Ebay while exhibited; half of the money will be donated to the anti-terrorism organization and the family of victims in terrorism attacks.

Size of the works: statuary with base, 170 cm
Materials of the works: plaster, fluorescence materials, MDF board, flashlights installation, microphone, amplifier and sound box.

If optimization is a solution or concept, then anti-optimization and anti-concept is also an optimized solution or concept.


I wonder if Bin Laden is familiar with media art. What he does in actions concludes many means of media art. I found the methods to approach and explain art when I studied terrorism and anti-terrorism problems. The modern terrorism tries to make personal or team goals by extremely anti- humanism actions.


Process and background of my creation:

When I prepared for the exhibition – Optimize, I tried on several plans, but none of them were acceptable solutions. I was not able to get any sparkle solution when I analyzed and understood the topic – optimize – from the positive way. That made me felt desperate. All of a sudden, the desperation reminded me with the “black widows” that committed suicide explosion attacks. Then I started my study on the modern terrorism.

Much to my surprises, I found as an artist, I have the similarity with terrorism: We both desperately want to be noticed by the public and the society, buy yet, we have essential distinguish.

Studying terrorism and analyzing the source of the terrorism, is only of methods for me to approach art. This work will affect and hurt other works with its highlight burst and explosion noises while exhibited in the same showroom, especially to those normal works like audio and video installations.

I am trying to express the theme of “optimize” with an anti-optimize or anti-art methods and by against concept and form, which I opted by myself.