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Artistic points of departure:
With my studies of the Essence of Creativity and the Mode of art creation, as well as the backtracking of the ancient philosophies such as from Taoism (Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu) and Friedrich W. Nietzsche, and the benefits of my experiences studying the Media Art Theories in Germany, I am trying to explore an alternative possibility of painting(incl.Chinese ink painting) with the modern techniques of art with my own personality.

The forms of my work include drawing, painting, performance, installation, photography, video and mix-medium.

My central interests:
A. Position of digital media in contemporary painting and his development in a cultural .
B. The painterly extension about Optical illusion and mass media.
C. The possibility of non-human painting (counteract Style-violence, abandon the subjective will) with Gene evolutionary algorithm (Fully automatic machine painting and Artificial Intelligence).

Spirituality and science (Creole technologies, creolization, Quantum mechanics, Fuzzy Theory and Uncertainty principle), Sublime and naturalness, Religion and the universe, and the place and the time, identity and the body.

Developing painting with a form of anti-paintings or non-paintings.make photograph without taking photograph; against the violence of art with the art of violence (the subjective violence of the artist)

Tao Ling geb. in Peking, Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin und Beijing.

1992- 1996 B.A. Studium der Wandmalerei an der Zentralen Hochschule für Bildende Kunst(CAFA).
1996- 1999 Art Director bei Landor WPP Group Peking.
1996- 2001 Postproduktion Labor bei Fernsehstation Peking.
2002- 2004 Malerei Studium bei Arno Rink an der HGB Leipzig.
2005- 2008 Diplom Studium der Medienkunst bei Joachim Blank an der HGB Leipzig.
2009- 2010 Nebenhörerschaft Masterprogramm Kulturen des Kuratorischen an der HGB Leipzig.
2011- 2012 Gasthörerschaft Neurotheologie an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
2012- 2014 Nebenhörerschaft Neural Information Processing an der Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin


1992 -Er wang-, Galerie der zentrale Kunstakademie Peking, China.
1994 -Reproducktionsbudah-, National Art Museum,Prag, Tschechien.
1996 -Fiktiv-Archaeologie-, Museum der Zentrale Kunstakademie Peking, China.
2000 -Zeit-proformence-, Goethe Institut Peking, VR. China.
2003 -Erlebenis Ökonomie-, Rundgang Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, Deutschland
2004 -Blitze- Optimize, Montevideo, Amsterdam, Niederlande.
2005 -Nicht O.T.- Junge chinesische Kunst, Neue Galerie Landshut, Deutschland.
2006 -Kunstlich Opfer-, Werkraum, Halle 9, Bauwollmspinnerei Leipzig, Deutschland.
2006 -Kunstterrorismus-, Volume 1, Universal Cube Leipzig, Deutschland.
2007 -3K+2B-, pro:ohm proudly presents, Universal Cube Leipzig, Deutschland.
2007 -Unsehenbar-, Blaue Blume, Ecole nationale des beaux-arts de Lyon, France.
2008 Soloausstellung -Kunst Lich Heilen- Halle14 UC, Leipzig, Germany.
2009 SoloAusstellung -No Rabbit, No Eagle-, ShuangYuan Museum Beijing, China.

Preise / Stipendien und Residencies:

1992 Kunst preis Matsuoka.
1995-1996 Familien Matsuoka Stipendium.
2002-2003 Deutsche DAAD Stipendium.
2004 Sparkasse Medienkunst-Projekt Stipendium.